Five Accessories You Can Get for Your Mobility Scooter

Your mobility scooter is a great way of getting around and keeping your independence, but there are many accessories you can get that will make your riding experience even better.


Your scooter needs to be stored in a dry place where it won't be at the mercy of the elements. Rain can damage the electrical circuits in your scooter, and dust can also get in and clog them up — quite apart from the discomfort of having to ride a wet scooter. However, there will be times when you can't put it in your usual place and will have to leave it outside. A cover is the ideal solution and will protect your scooter from the elements.


A mobility scooter can be a great help with getting your own shopping. However, you will need some way of carrying it home again. A basket is an ideal solution — and extra baskets can always be fitted if there is already one on the scooter. They can be fitted to both the front and the back of the scooter, and liners can be included so that small objects do not fall through the gaps.

Phone holder

You can also fit your scooter with a holder for your phone or tablet. This can be very useful if you use it to get directions and to ensure that you are always in touch with someone at home. They are usually adjustable to ensure that any brand of device will fit and can also be moved to put your device in the right position for you.

Crutch holder

If you need to walk with a stick or crutches, you will need some way of keeping them with you on your scooter. Fortunately, there are many holders for these as well as for other pieces of medical equipment such as walkers and oxygen tanks. They usually attach to the back of the scooter so that they aren't in the way, but they may also fit along the side if this is more convenient.


Finally, you should think about your safety as well as convenience. Fitting lights and reflective markings to the scooter will ensure you are seen when you are riding in darkness and poor light.

A few accessories on your mobility scooter can make a huge difference to your comfort and safety when riding. Just talk to your mobility scooter supplier about what's available.