4 Tips for Constructing Using Structural Steel

Structural steel is one of the strongest materials that one can use to construct a building, which is why steel sales have remained steady over the years. However, several measures must be implemented in order to take full advantage of this versatile material. This article discusses some of those crucial measures.

Weld Instead of Using Other Fasteners

Structural steel components can be joined using a number of techniques. For example, one person may choose to weld the members together. Another person may opt for mechanical fasteners, such as bolts. It is advisable to weld the joints instead of using those other alternatives. This is because welding not only forms a strong bond but it also seals that joint so that moisture and other impurities will be kept out.

Insulate the Material

Some people may think that they don't have to provide the same degree of fire protection and insulation to steel as they do to timber. This view may not be correct because structural steel can also fail in case it is exposed to high temperatures during a fire. Work with the designer of your building to specify the best kind of insulation so that you protect your building from being damaged by fire.

Use Appropriate Equipment

Structural steel sections tend to be very large and heavy. Make sure that you use the most suitable equipment to handle and install these heavy systems. Overhead cranes are examples of the equipment used to handle structural steel components. Avoid trying to save some money by skimping on lifting equipment. You may end up incurring high costs to repair damaged sections or compensate injured employees.

Proper Preparation Is Important

You should make sure that you have the appropriate plans for the structural steel building which you wish to construct. As already mentioned, structural steel is very heavy. Proper preparation for its use entails conducting surveys to confirm that the soil can handle the weight of the building. Proper planning also entails getting detailed plans which describe how the different sections should be assembled at the construction site. Any deviation from the plans may result in a collapse of the building.

Implement all the suggestions above and you will have a durable building that will serve your needs for its expected service life. Consult structural steel suppliers and fabricators for advice in case the proposed project has any unique requirements which may need a specific type of steel to be used. Those professionals will advise you about the best grade of steel to use.