Feeling Fly: Three Airport Hacks to Improve Your Travel Experience

Whether you're a frequent flier or simply a weary holidaymaker, navigating airports can sap a lot of your energy.  While flights are quick and convenient, and increasingly very affordable, there is a lot of stress and procedure associated with them which can turn people off from air travel.  However, that needn't be the case.  A savvy traveller can make their whole experience run much smoother with very little effort involved.  Here are just three tips that will induct you into this club of clever passengers, and hopefully make your entire travel time a lot more bearable.

Book Airport Taxis in Advance

Especially if you're trvavelling to a busy city or large hub, you're likely to experience hellish queues at the end of your journey.  Once you're off the plane and have all your luggage with you, the last thing you want is to join the end of another line before you can even leave the airport.  To avoid this, book yout transfers before you've even taken off - preferably, around the same time as you book the flight itself.  That way, you won't forget to do it - and instead of joining the rest of the passengers trying to hail a cab, you'll be climbing directly in.  You can also often find better rates by booking in advance, so it's not just convenient.  It's also budget-smart.

Travel Light

Of course this isn't possible if you need to take a full suitcase of clothing with you for an extended trip - but if it is possible to fit everything you need into a carry-on bag, then you should endeavor to do so.  Very few things can speed you up in the airport as much as skipping out on the baggage carousel.  Besides, it means that there's no chance of luggage being sent on the wrong flight or left in the destination airport, as suitcases sometimes can be.  Equally, keeping the number of possessions you take limited will make it easier to take out your laptop and other electronics during security, to locate your passport or travel documents in a hurry, and lighten the load you need to carry.

Check In Early

Many airlines now allow you to check in well over 24 hours in advance for your flight.  This may seem silly, but doing so will allow you to choose the best seats and skip the monstrous queues at the check-in desks when you arrive at the airport.  Instead, you can simply drop off your bags - if necessary - and proceed straight to security with your pre-printed boarding pass.  You just need to make sure you have a boarding pass for every stage of your journey in advance, and that you update the airline if your travel plans should change; some airlines will penalize travellers who miss their flights without alerting them.

Naturally, there will always be some stresses at the airport.  You'll always need to wait for the security line, and ensure your liquids are in the regulation bags; there'll always be some queuing and waiting involved.  However, cutting down in these key areas will mean you have more time to spend relaxing in airport lounges and at your destination instead of checking your watch at the end of a mile-long queue. For more information, contact companies like United Taxis.