Why Outdoor Living Spaces Should Always Have Blinds

Blinds are a great accessory that most people use exclusively on the inside of their windows. As such, it can be hard to think of them as outdoor-applicable, although outdoor blinds have been in existence for a long time. There are many differences between outdoor blinds and their interior variant, from the quality of construction to the size and colour. However, the biggest similarity is that they both aim to make the area they exist in more comfortable for you to relax in, and for outdoor spaces, this can be an absolute lifesaver.


How many times have you wondered about going to sit on the verandah or patio only to realise when you get there that the afternoon sun is sneaking under the roof and blinding you? Most Australians enjoy being outside, even if it is just to read or do some work on a laptop. Of course, to do this you still need to be comfortable and while getting a nice tan is certainly part of the appeal of the outdoors, being blinded is not. Outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy the outside feel and atmosphere while remaining in control of how much of your body is in direct sunlight. 

Breezy But Sturdy

Outdoor blinds are fantastic because they do not stifle breezes that may be blowing past. These moments of relief feel incredible during summer and the outdoor blind manufacturers recognise this and built it into their designs. Therefore air and wind can pass through, but the blinds themselves remain sturdy and mostly still. These outdoor blinds are much stronger and heavier than traditional indoor blinds. That allows them to survive throughout the seasons all the while ready to provide shade and relief from the heat by allowing any breeze to carry on its merry way to you.

Aesthetic Feature

Outdoor blinds contribute to the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space in two ways:

  1. They make the area feel more enclosed and intimate when they are rolled down. If you don't want any neighbours or peeping toms watching you then this is one of the best ways to achieve privacy when outside.
  2. Their look and design. Outdoor blinds come in all shapes, colours and patterns. They can also be custom made if you are willing to take the time and effort to do it.

If you feel like your backyard is missing something then get some outdoor blinds which are both functional and look good for decades to come.

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