Online Recruitment And How To Find The Best Candidates

Online recruitment has exploded in recent years, with more and more recruitment companies turning to the Internet to attract the best talent. There are many benefits of using online recruitment from both a time and cost perspective, and with its far reaching capabilities, you will also be able to target a wider audience by advertising job vacancies online. However, there is much more to online recruitment than simply posting a job vacancy and waiting for the right candidates to come to you. 

Get The Job Description Right

To attract the right talent to the position, you need to advertise it in the right way. There is little point in advertising a job description that bears no relation to the type of person you want to hire, and so the wording needs to be as close to your requirements as possible. A job description is easier to put together when the role already exists within the organisation. For completely new roles it can be helpful to search online for similar roles so that you can get inspiration for the right wording. 

Post To The Right Channels

The recruitment industry is huge, and as such there are many recruitment channels you can choose to publicise your job advertisement. If you run a recruitment agency, you no doubt have your own recruitment area for advertising jobs.

You should also suggest to your clients that they advertise on their own websites. Candidates often have a good idea who they want to work for and will trawl career pages on the company websites they are most interested in. Social media is another recruitment channel that you can use as more and more people are choosing to use this medium in their job hunting efforts. 

Arrange Video Interviews

Recruitment can be a huge drain on resources and time. One way to reduce the time spent on recruitment and find the right person is to hold video interviews. You could do this as a screening process before interviews begin, or you might even like to conduct the main interview in this manner. With video technology becoming more and more advanced, a video interview isn't much different to inviting the candidate into the office. 

However you choose to run your recruitment campaign, advertising and interviewing over the Internet can help you to save on recruitment costs, reduce the time spent finding the right candidate and help you to reach a pool of talented individuals just waiting to be snapped up.